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Key to the success of AccuServ is our ability to integrate and interface. Housing management solutions, asset management, suppliers, contractors, scheduling, mobile solutions, diagnostic tools and payment cards are all integrated with AccuServ. AccuServ provides the gateway for data exchange between many of these solutions that traditionally are difficult to seamlessly integrate.
AccuServ has an extensive web service that enables integration with 3rd party systems. We are also able to “consume” web services (WSDL) from other applications and provide seamless integration.

Housing Management

AccuServ is one of the few repairs systems that has a comprehensive two-way interface with most of the HM systems in the marketplace e.g. Orchard, Northgate, Open Contractor and ActiveH MIS.

AccuServ Integrations


AccuServ interfaces with many industry standard financial systems including those below.

Accuserv Finance

Sales invoices are produced in AccuServ and interfaced to the financials to create sales ledger entries.

Purchase invoices are matched to goods received to ensure you have not been invoiced twice for the same goods, or invoiced for goods you have not received. Where EDI systems are in place with suppliers this matching is automated with extensive exception matching & monitoring to ensure correct items supplied and agreed pricing.

Stock movement or individual stock transactions can also be interfaced.


AccuServ has full EDI integration with several of the leading material suppliers. This supports electronic Purchase Ordering and Good Receipting. AccuServ has a comprehensive Purchase Invoice matching module that allows all incoming purchase invoices to be automatically checked. There is a rigorous error checking system in place that captures and escalates all discrepancies.