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Mobile Working


AccuServ offers its own comprehensive integrated mobile solution that has full “off-line” working capability. Forms are available for Responsive Repairs, Voids, Planned Works, Surveys, Pre & Post Inspection, Gas & Oil Servicing, Electrical Certs, Grounds Maintenance, Vehicle Checks, Health & Safety, Risk Assessment and more…
AccuServ is also integrated with several other market leading mobile solutions that can be utilised in organisations where a standard mobile solution has been chosen for the Business.

Doorstep Appointments

AccuServ has a doorstep appointments facility. This allows the operative to offer the resident a follow-on appointment prior to leaving the property – without having to contact the planners. The operative can launch an AccuServ diary window that shows the available slots by trade for the next configurable number of days.

Just in Time/Emergency Stores

Using the sophisticated stores and van stock module, AccuServ has introduced real innovation to the industry. If an item is required urgently on site, the operative orders it on their mobile and it is delivered to site by the supplier. For example, an operative arrives at a vulnerable residents’ property to repair the bath and finds it is beyond repair. They order the new bath on their mobile and proceed to remove the old bath. AccuServ creates the purchase order, applies all the authorisation rules and when these are satisfied the order is placed electronically in the suppliers’ system. The supplier loads the bath on a van and delivers to site. On the return journey, they often deliver van stock replenishments to operatives.

Incident Escalation

Before, during or after a job, the operative is able to complete an incident report form on the mobile detailing incidents or issues with the resident or property. This raises an incident flag in AccuServ which is highlighted to the appropriate management team for progression.

Remote Job Logging/OOH

Operatives/surveyors are able to create jobs in AccuServ direct from the mobile device. This functionality can be used to record any job including out of hours works, estate inspections and walk-about works.Save