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Repairs & Maintenance


AccuServ manages all aspects of repairs and maintenance across all trades.

AccuServ templates can be created for each of the work programs. They are designed to match and automate the internal processes and procedures, thus ensuring your defined workflows are followed.

AccuServ jobs are made up of a series of tasks representing internal or onsite activities. These tasks are raised for each activity to be carried out against a job. Examples of AccuServ job tasks include pre & post inspections, onsite visits, letters to clients or residents, variations and surveys.
All tasks from any work program can be manually or dynamically planned and scheduled, and then automatically sent to an operative’s mobile device. Forms on the mobile device are designed for each task. The operative is guided through each task to completion stage. AccuServ automatically captures the labour costs, material updates, job codes completed, variations made, and any follow-ons and incidents to be processed. The data captured is fed back into the predefined workflow thus automatically moving the job on to its next stage and issuing notifications and escalations as defined.

Within any single job, tasks can be assigned to PAYE operatives, sub-contractors or internal admin teams. Completed tasks are fed into other AccuServ systems such as Operative Payment Processing and the SubContractor Payment System.

Responsive Repairs

Responsive repairs can be raised directly in AccuServ using our own rapid job entry screen, integrated diagnostic tools or via AccuServ interfaces with HM and CRM systems.
Based on the repair entered and the predefined workflow applied, jobs are assigned their priority and target date. Thereafter AccuServ manages the lifecycle of the job, from creation through to completion and invoicing.

Voids & Planned Works

Voids and Planned works can either be raised directly in AccuServ, via a HMS interface or imported direct from an external source e.g. spreadsheets of programmed works.
AccuServ offers customised user definable templates that allow the organisation to map each of its workflows. When raising complex multi-task jobs, these templates are applied automatically, thus ensuring the correct tasks needed to complete the workflow have been created.
The AccuServ advanced planning tool allows management to view current workloads. AccuServ recommends the best teams or operatives for planned tasks based on skill and suitability – ensuring individual job tasks are completed on time to ensure the overall job target date is met.

Planned Maintenance & Compliance

AccuServ includes a compliance solution originally built around Gas Safety but adapted for any work program that has compliance element e.g. electrical checks, lift servicing, fire alarms and legionella. There is a dedicated dashboard which gives users full visibility of any on-going works programme compliance. Full drill down is available to the property, job or task.


A table of cyclical templates can be created and related to each individual property. Each cyclical template is associated with an organisational workflow. The jobs tasks defined in the template are raised automatically as and when required. These job tasks can then be planned and scheduled manually or dynamically, and assigned to a specific operative, team or subcontractor.

Ground Works

Similar to cyclical templates, grounds works templates can be created and related to each site. Ground works templates can be quickly and easily configured/replicated to reflect the different seasons. Jobs arising from these templates can be flagged to auto-complete if required. This reduces admin tasks where an assumption is made that the job is complete unless advised otherwise.

Incident Management & Escalation

During any type of visit, property or customer issues or incidents can be recorded and flagged for attention in the AccuServ system. For example a new customer vulnerability can be flagged by the member of staff during or after a visit. This raises an “Incident” flagged for attention which can automatically be escalated via email or SMS to the management team.


AccuServ offers a fully integrated subcontractor solution.  Job tasks can be assigned directly to sub-contractors by the planners and then auto-emailed.
AccuServ has its own sub-contractor portal that allows the sub-contractor to log on and view work assigned to them. They can update completed job tasks indicating the outcome, time and job codes used. The portal allows sub-contractors to raise follow-on tasks and to make appointments. This functionality is configurable at a sub-contractor level.


AccuServ has a complete sub-contractor self-billing solution for processing payments on all completed sub-contractor job tasks.  Once a sub-contractor invoice has been agreed and approved for payment it can be posted direct to the backend financial system.

Operative Payments

AccuServ supports several PAYE operative payment types representing different schemes for paying operatives. These range from time and materials, percentage of SOR costs or number of jobs completed.
The operative payment supports period processing and incorporates other elements such as payments and deductions, purchase cards, bonus schemes and Minimum Earning Guarantee (MEG).

Fleet Management

AccuServ includes a complete fleet management system that allows all vehicle details to be captured and monitored. Mileage and vehicle checks can be captured on the operative mobile devices and updated to the relevant fleet.
Diarised notes can record incidents, accidents and other detail, for example tyre changes. These notes types are system configurable. At time of capturing each note type, the related driver, mileage, cost centre and costs are also captured. This supports detailed reporting by vehicle, operative and cost centre. This also allows costs to be traced by fleet year, make, model or operative for example.

There is a continuous background process which monitors failed vehicle checks and upcoming fleet thresholds such as service mileage, MOT, tax and insurance. This process sends a daily email to the intended recipient(s) highlighting the impeding actions to be taken.