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Planning & Scheduling

AccuServ has a planning tool that is fully integrated with Google Maps. This allows planners to efficiently allocate jobs to the most suitable operative based on their skills, location and existing workloads.
AccuServ uses the concept of scheduling buckets whereby job tasks are assigned to user defined buckets. These buckets are configurable to represent how the business manages its daily workloads e.g. time slot, area, trade and work programme.
The automated scheduler allocates the job tasks from the scheduling buckets direct into operative’s diaries. Planners can intervene as required.

Dynamic Scheduling

AccuServ can be optionally configured to dynamically schedule work to operatives. Google Maps is integrated to ensure the most appropriate job is assigned to the best placed operative. Dynamic scheduling can be switched on and off per work programme.  

Evolving Day

The Evolving Day dashboard is a visual representation displaying the current position of all ‘todays’ work as the day evolves. This dashboard is driven with real time updates from the mobiles. Tasks that are moving into jeopardy are highlighted to the planners using a traffic light warning system.

Emergency jobs are dropped directly into the Evolving Day dashboard and made visible to the planner for immediate action. Planners have the option of dragging and dropping these emergency jobs directly to an operative diary, or letting the dynamic scheduler pick up and assign this work automatically.