Accuserv Mobile Features

For all breakdown repairs the AccuServ job is updated by engineer on completion, therefore you no longer have to wait for paper work to be returned, or tie up valuable admin resources to complete jobs.

The engineer is locked in to a job, and must answer all the questions presented on the form of the PDA, therefore information becomes much more accurate, you do not have to rely on an engineers willingness to fill in paperwork.

For Gas Safety checks (CP12) the infromation is stored against the property, and never deleted, so you are able to look at and re-print current and historical CP12 documents.

Photographs can be taken and stored against the job, for example, a photo of the front door as proof that and operative was on site for a no access.

Van Stock Control is more accurate and easier to manage.

The AccuServ Electronic job sheets and CP12 legal documents are completed in real time by an operative and returned to the server as connectivity allows, this includes signatures of operatives and tenants.

Accuserv Mobile connection server features

  • Efficient data compression technology reducing the time taken to transfer data.
  • Static or dynamic updates to database.
  • Message queuing to handle temporary loss of connection.
  • Push engine to deliver tasks to handheld devices.
  • Supported synchronisation methods and device include:
  • 3G / EDGE / GPRS / GSM 

Accuserv Mobile connection server Security

  • All stored data is encrypted to ensure data security.
  • Password and username protected to prevent unauthorised access to data.
  • Minimum 128 bit encryption of all data whilst in transit.
  • Device immobilisation – can kill, clear or lock device remotely.