AccuServ Repairs Overview

AccuServ is a fully integrated Housing Repair Management System. It allows both Contractors, and Housing Organisations with their own DLO’s, to plan, manage and report on their repairs in order to control costs, drive productivity and deliver effective services.

AccuServ can be implemented to perform a number of roles but essentially becomes the central application for managing housing repair. It can take repair requests from the contact centre or by electronic means, providing planners and managers with a complete picture of each operation and can interface directly with the operative through mobile working, handheld devices, PDAs etc.

Why AccuServ?

What makes AccuServ different from other management systems is that it is a specialist application focused solely on housing repairs and maintenance. It is a fully integrated solution where electronic interfaces, auto allocation software and mobile technology make it possible that a job can originate from the client system, be allocated to an operative and when completed as specified, be cleared for payment - with only the operative seeing the job.

However, where AccuServ really comes in to its own is when an event or action occurs on the job that requires additional work. So if a part is required, or another trade is needed to complete the job, the Operative can, subject to authorisation, place the order request or additional work request directly from their PDA, and the request is immediately flagged up in the control centre for further action. In addition, as Operatives use their van stock this can be updated within AccuServ (automatically if using AccuServ Mobile) to create requisition orders to replenish the stock, and to add costs to the jobs.

Because AccuServ is both specialised and focused on repair management, it can work with operatives in order to improve efficiencies, give you complete control over work being carried out and ensure that services to residents are dealt with quickly and effectively.